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Welcome to Tiny Tales from Africa: The Animals (volume 1). This is a collection of two hundred stories from Africa featuring animal characters, and each story is just 100 words long. And... Volume 2 is available now also

In addition, you might also be interested in The Reader's Guide to African Folklore at the Internet Archive, and also Texts of African Proverbs and Riddles in the Public Domain.

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Attribution: Tiny Tales from Africa: The Animals (volume 1) by Laura Gibbs.
Version: October 30 2021

You can access the book in a variety of formats, along with individual stories here at the blog; see story title list and links below. You can also find the online sources and image credits listed separately.

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(volume 1)
A Book of Two Hundred 100-Word Stories


This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of books about African animal tales. You will meet tricksters here like Rabbit (ancestor of Brer Rabbit and Tio Conejo), along with Tortoise, Spider, and more. There are “pourquoi” stories about why Bat flies at night and why Lemur’s eyes are big. There are also stories of magical transformations, like the woman who became a lion. The stories come from many different African traditions; see the list of sources in the back of the book. You can find out more and also listen to an audiobook at Africa.LauraGibbs.net.

The paragraph you just read is 100 words long, as is this paragraph, and that’s also the length of each story in this book. The stories go fast, but you can slow down when you find one you like. Read it again. Read it aloud. Let it sink in. Maybe even write your own version of the story, using your imagination to add more details. Meanwhile, if you don’t like a story, don’t get bogged down; just move on to the next one. You can find many more African animal tales, along with 100-word stories from other cultural traditions, at 100Words.LauraGibbs.net.


The individual blog posts contain additional information for each story.

1. Greedy Spider and his Children.
2. Spider and the Singing Ghosts.
3. How the Monkeys Got Their Tails.
4. How the Animals Got Their Tails.
5. The Rabbits and the Elephants.
6. The Crocodile and the Leguan.
7. The Woman and Her Yams.
8. The Sun and the Jackal.
9. The Leopard and the Hyena.
10. The Parrot and the Hen.
11. The Lemur and the Shrew.
12. The First Fire.
13. The Animals and the Fire.
14. The Jackal Sends the Dog to Get Fire.
15. The Dogs of Long Ago.
16. The People and the Sea-Turtle.
17. Grandmother Crocodile.
18. The Hippopotamus and the Crocodile.
19. The Three Creatures.
20. The Ram and His Mother.
21. The Bat and the Dove.
22. The Cane-Rat and the Bat.
23. The Queen's Feast.
24. God and the Birds.
25. The Mosquito and the Ears.
26. The Tortoise and the Pig.
27. The Jackal and the Hyena.
28. The Elephant and the Rhinoceros.
29. The Little Frog and the Little Snake.
30. The Fish and the Leopard.
31. The Leopard and the Man.
32. Lion's Family and the Leopard.
33. The Flying Lion.
34. The First Lion.
35. The First Baboons.
36. The First Fish.
37. The First Snake.
38. The First Bird.
39. The Cattle and the Buffalo.
40. The Rabbit and the Moon.
41. The Chameleon and the Lizard.
42. The Dog and the Sheep.
43. The Dog's Message.
44. The People Who Wanted to Live Forever.
45. The Hyena Who Waited.
46. The Birds and their Servants.
47. The Dog and the Cow.
48. The Squirrel and the Viper.
49. The Frog and His Two Wives.
50. The Animals and the Rain.
51. The Frog and the Water.
52. The Boar and the Hog.
53. The Rooster and the Sun.
54. The Leopard and His Drum.
55. The Spider and Lion's Ram.
56. The Spider in the Storeroom.
57. When the Jackal and the Hyena Were Servants.
58. King Lion and the Corn-Thief.
59. The Rabbit, the Baboon, and the Peanuts.
60. The Wildcat and the Monkey.
61. The Wildcat's Revenge.
62. The Birds' Fasting Contest.
63. The Elephant and the Rooster.
64. The Elephant and the Goat.
65. The Elephant and the Tortoise.
66. The Frog and the Deer.
67. The Chameleon and the Elephant.
68. The Rabbit and the Chameleon.
69. The Elephant and the Frog.
70. The People and the Turtle.
71. The Monkey and the Leopard.
72. The Jackal and the Rooster.
73. The Hunter and the Leopard.
74. The Lioness and the Chicks of the Ostrich.
75. The Gorilla and the Monkey.
76. The Wildcat and the Nightjar.
77. The Pious Cat and the Mouse.
78. The Leopard and the Dog.
79. The Woman and the Rabbit.
80. The Rabbit and the Antelope.
81. The Swallow and the Rooster.
82. The Rooster and the Swallow.
83. The Hen and the Rabbit.
84. The Rabbit and the Deer.
85. The Rabbit Visits the Baboon.
86. The Wildcat and the Gazelle.
87. The Tortoise and the Bat.
88. The Dog and the Chimpanzee.
89. The Tortoise and the Baboon.
90. The Leopard and the Python.
91. The Tortoise, the Elephant and the Hippo.
92. The Antelope and the Tortoise.
93. The Giraffe and the Tortoise.
94. The Tortoise and the Guinea-Fowl.
95. The Tortoise and the Hawk.
96. The Tortoise and the Hawk's Mother.
97. The Tortoise and the Leopard.
98. A Husband for the Princess.
99. The King's Magic Drum.
100. The Tortoise and the Magic Drum.
101. The Tortoise's Revenge.
102. The Tortoise and the Magic Breadfruit.
103. The Spider and the Cobweb.
104. The Spider's Funeral.
105. Anansi the Spider and God.
106. Anansi and the Snake.
107. Anansi and the Leopard.
108. The Elephant and the Spider.
109. The Elephant and the Honey.
110. The Elephant and the Rabbit Plant Pumpkins.
111. The Rabbit and His Drum.
112. When the Rabbit and the Antelope Were Neighbors.
113. The Rabbit and the Leopard.
114. The Rabbit and the Old Woman.
115. The Animals and Their Dance.
116. The Rabbit and the Stepping-Stone.
117. The Rabbit's Punishment.
118. The Lion and the Rabbit.
119. The Rabbit and the Tortoise.
120. The Rabbit and the Earth.
121. The Bushbuck and the Rabbit.
122. The Rabbit and the Cloud-Islands.
123. The Hyena and the Muddy Rabbit.
124. The Farmer and the Rabbit.
125. The Scorpion and the Hyena.
126. The Jerboa and the Hyena.
127. The Hyena and Her Friends.
128. The Hyena and the Man.
129. The Hyena and the Crane.
130. The Lion's Illness.
131. The Jackal and the Fish-Wagon.
132. The Hyena and the Fish-Wagon.
133. The Wedding of the Jackal and the Hyena.
134. The Jackal and Hyena's Wedding Feast.
135. The Jackal and the Goat.
136. The Dove and the Jackal.
137. The Jackal and the Heron.
138. The Dog and the Jackal at the Wedding Feast.
139. The Leopard and the Bloodthirsty Jackal.
140. The Cat and the Leopard.
141. The Rat and the Fish.
142. The Tortoise and the Mushrooms.
143. The Elephant in the Swamp.
144. The Hyena and the Moon.
145. The Chameleon and the Snake.
146. The Proud Wren.
147. The Francolin and the Tortoise.
148. The Eagle and the Leopard.
149. The Lion and the Crocodile.
150. The Young Lion's Revenge.
151. The Rat and the Crocodile.
152. The Sheep's New Dress.
153. The Python with Two Heads.
154. The Snake and the Rat.
155. The Partridge and the Puff-Adder.
156. The Leopard and the Goat.
157. The Lioness and the Antelope.
158. The Crocodile and the Hen.
159. The Fruit-Bat's Funeral.
160. The Lioness and The Ostrich.
161. The Fox and the Rooster.
162. The Dog Who Would Be King.
163. The Deer and the Pig.
164. The Hasty Tortoise.
165. The Tree That Blocked the Sun.
166. The Rhinoceros and the Bees.
167. The Python and the Guinea-Fowl.
168. The Lion and the Boar.
169. The King's Cat and His Rat.
170. The Disobedient Boy.
171. The Man Who Became an Elephant.
172. The Song of the Monkey.
173. The Woman Who Became a Lion.
174. The Woman and Her Suitors.
175. The Mother and Her Daughter.
176. The Baboon Who Became a Man.
177. The Bad-Tempered Wife.
178. The Woman Who Married a Crow.
179. The Woman and the Mysterious Bird.
180. The Woman Who Lost Her Way.
181. The Lost Boy.
182. The Woman Who Went Fishing.
183. The Farmer and the Baboon.
184. The Villagers and the Chimpanzee.
185. The Man Who Tracked a Gorilla.
186. The Crocodile and the Two Children.
187. The Deadly Crocodile.
188. The Hunter and the Deer.
189. The Dog and the Lizard.
190. The Hyena's Prophecy.
191. The Bird Who Made Milk.
192. The Grateful Python.
193. The Cowherd and the Antelope.
194. The Goat-Dung.
195. The Obstinate Child.
196. The Tortoise and HIs Debts.
197. The Camel and Her Seven Companions.
198. The Dog and the Pangolin.
199. The Sparrow and the Parrot.
200. The Danger of a Nonexistent Donkey.

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