125. The Scorpion and the Hyena

A shepherd led his ram to market.
“I’ll go with you,” Scorpion said; the man agreed.
Along the way, they met Hyena.
“I’ll go with you,” Hyena said; the man agreed.
They camped on the road.
Scorpion hid in the ram’s wool.
Around midnight, Hyena said softly, “Is anybody awake? … Anybody?”
Scorpion heard but kept silent.
Hyena then seized the ram, and Scorpion stung her.
Hyena howled in pain. “I’m going home!” she yelped.
“Oh, please stay!” said Scorpion, laughing. “We’re all friends here!”
“No!” barked Hyena. “I’ve got another appointment elsewhere. Goodbye!”
Hyena ran off, groaning in pain.

[a Hausa story from northern Nigeria] 

Inspired by: "The Hyena, the Scorpion, and the Ram" in Fifty Hausa Folktales (in Folklore) by A. J. N. Tremearne, 1910.
Notes: You can read the original story online. In the original story, Scorpion explains that the ram will be butchered the next day and promises Hyena a share of the meat.

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