77. The Pious Cat and the Mouse

There was once a cat who pretended to be very pious, as if he were a great saint.
A mouse approached this holy cat, seeking wisdom. “Enlighten me, O Cat!” squeaked the mouse.
“Come closer,” said the cat. “I’m hard of hearing. Come closer!”
“He is devoted to God,” the mouse thought to himself. “Surely I have nothing to fear.” So the mouse got close enough to shout into the cat’s ear, whereupon the cat grabbed him.
“O Holy One!” shrieked the mouse. “What happened to your devotion?”
“It comes and goes,” said the cat as he swallowed the mouse.

[a Swahili story] 

Inspired by: "The Cat That Was a Devotee" in Swahili Stories from Arab Sources, author unknown, 1881.
Notes: You can read the original story online

"Welcome to my mosque!"
photo by Jussi Mononen

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