14. The Jackal Sends the Dog to Get Fire

“I’m hungry,” Jackal said to Dog, his brother. “Go into the village and fetch fire. We’ll burn the grass and catch locusts to eat.”
Dog went into the village and entered a house. A woman was feeding mush to her baby. She scraped some mush from the pot and fed it to Dog.
The mush tasted good!
Dog stayed in the village.
Jackal waited, but Dog didn’t come back. Jackal howled, “I sent Dog for fire. He never came back! Never! Neeeeeee-veeeeeeeer!”
You can hear the hungry Jackal still howling.
Dog stayed in the village where the food was good.

[an Ambundu story from Angola] 

Inspired by: "Dog and Jackal" in Folktales of Angola by Heli Chatelain, 1894.
Notes: You can read the original story online, and the Kimbundu text is also available. The dog is Imbua and the jackal is Mbulu.

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