115. The Animals and Their Dance (1)

There was a terrible drought. Lion, Jackal, Hippo, Elephant, all the animals decided to dance in the dry waterhole to pound out the water.
“That’s ridiculous!” said Rabbit. “I’m not going to dance.”
“Then you won’t get any water,” said Lion, who was their king.
The animals danced, the water flowed again, and they all drank happily.
All except Rabbit.
Then in the night Rabbit came and drank the water too.
In the morning, they saw his footprints along the bank.
“I told you not to drink the water!” roared Lion.
Rabbit just laughed. “You can’t stop me! I’m Rabbit!”

[a story from South Africa] 

Inspired by: South African Folktales by James Honey (online).
Notes: This is just the first part of the story; you can read the second part here: Rabbit's Stepping-Stone

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  1. Rabbit shouldnt of got any of the water cos he didn't do any of the work.