Tortoise's Revenge

"When I was poor, everyone mocked me," Tortoise thought. "Now they only pretend to like me, but I'll teach them a lesson."
Tortoise announced another feast. He invited all the men and animals, but he sent his own wife and children away.
Then, when everyone arrived, Tortoise beat the drum. The warriors appeared and attacked all the guests. Tortoise kept drumming, and the warriors kept attacking.
Tortoise didn't stop until all the guests were lying on the ground, groaning in agony.
Then Tortoise went to the King. "This drum is no good!" he said. "You must give me something else.

Inspired by: Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria by Elphinstone Dayrell.
Notes: This is a continuation of Tortoise and the King's Drum. To find out what happens next, see: Tortoise and the Breadfruit-Tree.

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