Rabbit and the Cloud-Islands

Rabbit saw white clouds reflected in a pool.
"What beautiful islands!" Rabbit exclaimed. "That will make a perfect hiding place from my enemies."
So Rabbit went and insulted the Elephant. "Slow-footed!" he shouted. "And slow-witted!"
Then Elephant chased Rabbit, but when Rabbit jumped into the pool, there were no islands where he could hide. Instead, Elephant easily grabbed Rabbit with his trunk and shook him.
"I've had enough of your tricks!" he shouted, squashing Rabbit deep down into the mud at the pool's edge. "I hope it chokes you!" 
Rabbit couldn't say anything because his mouth was full of mud.

Inspired by: "The Hare and the Lion: A. The Mud" in The Life of a South African Tribe: volume 2 by Henri Junod, 1912.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The story is continued here: Hyena and the Muddy Rabbit.

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