The Bat and the Dove

The King sent Dove to bring Moon, and Bat to bring Sun.
Dove flew quickly to summon Moon.
"Because Sun hasn't arrived, you will have honors I planned for him," said the King. "You will rule the night, and people will drum and tell stories by your light."
Bat dawdled, and Sun arrived much later.
"I gave your honors to Moon," the King explained, "but you can rule the day and shine on people as they walk about."
Sun was furious at Bat. "Don't ever look at me again!" 
So Bat looks down by day and flies only at night.

Inspired by: "Why the Bats Hang Head Downwards and Only Fly by Night" in The Baganda by John Roscoe, 1911.
Notes: You can read the original story online. For more about the Baganda people, see Wikipedia

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