Hawk and Tortoise's Flute

Tortoise used a bone to create a marvelous flute. Then he sat outside his house and played the flute: tilo-ntiloo-tiloo! tilo-ntiloo-tiloo!
Hawk flew down and started to dance."What a wonderful flute!" he said to Tortoise. "Let me try it! I'll play while you dance."
"No!" replied Tortoise. "If I give you the flute, you'll just fly away with it."
"Grab hold of my feathers if you want," said Hawk."I won't fly off."
Tortoise grabbed Hawk tightly by the feathers and handed him the flute. 
"Thank you!" said Hawk, and then he quickly flew off, leaving Tortoise with nothing but feathers.

Inspired by: Among the Ibos of Nigeria by G.T. Basden.
Notes: This is a continuation of Tortoise and Guinea-Fowl Eat Apples, and tortoise has made the flute out of guinea-fowl's bones. The text of the song in the story is "tilo ntiloo tiloo, egwu nara n'obodo ayi" which the author translates as "music and dancing are taking place in our town." Find out what happens next: Tortoise Is Angry at Hawk.

(from South America)

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