109. The Elephant and the Honey

Elephant was carrying a jar of honey on his back when he saw his friend Rabbit by the roadside.
“Give me a ride please!” said Rabbit.
Elephant lifted Rabbit onto his back, and then Rabbit started eating the honey.
“Give me rocks to throw at the birds,” said Rabbit; Elephant lifted up rocks.
“Give me sand to wipe my sweaty face, ” said Rabbit. Elephant lifted up sand.
Rabbit filled the jar with rocks, evened it with sand, smeared a little honey on top, and then jumped down.
Rabbit was long gone when Elephant realized the honey was gone too.

[a Chok story from Kenya] 

Inspired by: "The Hare and the Elephant" in The Suk: Their Language and Folklore by Mervyn W. H. Beech, 1911.
Notes: You can read the original story online

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  1. Oh that's an awful trick to play on Elephant. Poor Elephant must have been furious!