117. The Rabbit’s Punishment (3)

Rabbit’s head and feet were stuck to Tortoise’s back.
Tortoise then stood up and waddled over to the other animals.
King Lion pulled Rabbit off Tortoise’s back and waved him in the air, shouting, “How shall we punish him?”
“Burn him!” yelled Jackal.
“Burning’s fine,” said Rabbit. “Just don’t whirl me by my tail against a stone.”
“Drown him!” yelled Elephant.
“Drown me please,” said Rabbit. “Just don’t whirl me.”
Lion roared and whirled Rabbit by his tail against a stone.
Then Rabbit’s tail came off, and he scampered away, laughing as he ran.
That’s how Rabbit lost his tail.

[a story from South Africa] 

Inspired by: South African Folktales by James Honey.
Notes: The story begins here: The Animals Dance for Water.

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  1. Oh no, he got away again! Such a rascal. Too clever for his own good!