174. The Woman and Her Suitors

A beautiful woman refused every suitor.
Then two handsome strangers came; she married one of them.
She didn’t know they were lions!
In the woods the men became lions again. The lions hunted and feasted on raw meat, bringing bones home from the hunt.
The woman made stew.
“We don’t eat stew,” they said.
The woman’s brother warned her they were bad men. He followed them and saw them become lions.
She didn’t believe him.
In the night, her husband became a lion again, killed her, and ate her.
Then the two strangers escaped into the woods; they never returned.

[a Mwanga story from Zambia] 

Inspired by: "Ngoza" in Chimanwanga Stories by Emmeline H. Dewar, 1900.
Notes: You can read the original story online. It also includes the musical notation:

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