132. The Hyena and the Fish-Wagon (2)

Jackal invited Hyena to dinner, but greedy Hyena ate all the fish.
This made Jackal angry.
“Do you want more?” he asked.
Hyena nodded.
Then Jackal explained how he played dead. “Whatever happens,” he said, “you must not move. Stay absolutely still.”
Hyena thanked Jackal, ran to the road, lay down, and waited.
The wagon came, and the driver jumped out. “You thief!” he yelled, and started kicking her.
Hyena didn’t move.
The driver whipped Hyena with his whip, but she stayed still.
Finally the man drove away.
“I followed Jackal’s instructions exactly,” Hyena moaned. “What did I do wrong?”

[a Khoekhoe story from Namibia] 

Notes: This is a continuation of Jackal and the Fish-Wagon. In the original story, Hyena goes back to Jackal and he pretends sympathy, and then Hyena wishes her fur-coat were as pretty as Jackal's.


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