107. Anansi and the Leopard (3)

Anansi prepared a big cage. Then he sewed his eye shut and went to Leopard’s den, singing and laughing.
“Why are you so happy?” asked Leopard.
“I sewed my eye shut,” said Anansi, “and now I see the most beautiful things. It’s magic!”
“Sew my eye shut too!” roared Leopard. “I want to see the beautiful things!”
Anansi sewed one of Leopard’s eyes shut.
“It’s not working,” Leopard growled.
“I’ll sew the other eye,” said Anansi.
Then Leopard couldn’t see anything. Anansi easily trapped Leopard in the cage and took him to God.
That’s how all the stories became Anansi-stories!

[a story from Ghana] 

Inspired byWest African Folktales by William H. Barker and Cecilia Sinclair.
Notes: This is a continuation of God and Anansi Make a Bargain and Anansi and Snake.

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