God and Anansi Make a Bargain

"I want all stories to be Anansi-stories!" Anansi shouted.
"Agreed," said God, "provided you bring me Bees in a calabash, alive, and Snake, and also Leopard."
Anansi grabbed a calabash and went to where the Bees lived. He sat on the ground, shaking his head. "Yes!" he shouted. "No? Yes! No?"
"What's wrong?" they asked him.
"God says no, you cannot all fit into this calabash," said Anansi, "but I say yes, you can!"
"Yes!" buzzed the Bees. "Yes, we can!" Then they flew into the calabash.
Anansi sealed the calabash and brought it to God.
"Now Snake!" said God.

Inspired by: West African Folktales by William H. Barker and Cecilia Sinclair.
Notes: This is from the story "How We Got the Name Spider Tales." You can see what happens next in: Anansi and Snake.

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