Tortoise is Rich

Tortoise rejoiced. "With this drum, I will have food and drink without working!"
Tortoise ate, and he was happy.
Tortoise fed his family, and they were happy.
Tortoise feasted the whole village, boasting about his wealth. Now everyone admired Tortoise.
One day Tortoise got drunk on palm-wine and started to dance. As he danced, he stepped over a stick. 
He wanted more wine, but when he beat the drum, the warriors emerged, armed with whips and clubs, and they attacked Tortoise.
Tortoise was angry. "I should not be the only one to suffer!" he thought, and he made a plan.

Inspired by: Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria by Elphinstone Dayrell.
Notes: This is a continuation of Tortoise and the King's Drum. To find out what happens next, see: Tortoise's Revenge.

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