Dog and Chimpanzee on a Journey

Dog and Chimpanzee traveled together.
"Promise me I can eat any bones that fall on the ground," said Dog.
"Agreed," replied Chimpanzee. "provided you promise to give me my loin-cloth each morning."
When they reached a town, the people killed a chicken to feed their guests. 
On purpose, Chimpanzee threw a bone on the ground, and Dog ran to eat it. The people laughed. "What a greedy fellow!" they said.
Dog was angry at Chimpanzee for embarrassing him.
At dawn, he threw Chimpanzee's loin-cloth in the garbage.
The people laughed at their naked guest. "What an ugly fellow!" they said.

Inspired by: "The Dog and the Chimpanzee" in Bulu Tales from Kamerun, West Africa (published in Journal of American Folkklore) by Adolph N. Krug, 1912.

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