116. The Rabbit and the Stepping-Stone (2)

“We must stop Rabbit!” said Lion, but none of the animals knew how.
“I know how!” said Tortoise. “Cover me with tar so I’ll look like a stone by the waterhole’s edge. Rabbit will step on me and get stuck.”
“How kind of them!” Rabbit thought when he saw the stone. “They have given me a stepping-stone so I won’t wet my feet.”
Rabbit stepped.
His foot stuck.
“Let go!” he yelled. “Or else I’ll kick you!”
Both feet stuck.
“Let go! Or else I’ll headbutt you!”
Rabbit’s head stuck.
Then Rabbit heard Tortoise laughing.
The animals had caught him!

[a story from South Africa] 

Inspired by: South African Folktales by James Honey.
Notes: For the first part of this story, see: The Animals Dance for Water. This is the second part of the story; here's the ending: Rabbit's Punishment.

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