154. The Snake and the Rat

Snake and Rat used to be friends.
Snake was rich, but Rat was poor.
“Let’s try our luck in another country,” said Rat.
“Agreed!” said Snake. “We can use my wealth to start a new venture together.”
Rat ate a good breakfast before their journey, but Snake did not.
Along the way, Snake grew hungry.
Very hungry.
“Don’t worry,” said Rat. “We’ll reach a town soon.”
“Not soon enough!” hissed Snake.
“Be patient,” Rat said.
But Snake wasn’t patient. He attacked Rat and gobbled him up.
Since then, Rat and Snake are enemies; Snake chases Rat, and Rat runs away.

[a Calabar story from southern Nigeria] 

Inspired by: "he Snake and the Rat" in Calabar Stories (published in Journal of the Royal African Society) by J. Maxwell, 1906.
Notes: You can read the original story online.  

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