55. The Spider and Lion’s Ram

Spider volunteered to guard Lion’s ram.
“That one,” Lion pointed, “with the bell on its neck.”
After Lion left, Spider ate the ram, and then took the sheepskin, bell, and fat to Hyena.
“I’ll give you clothes, jewelry, and food for singing this song,” Spider said.
Hyena eats the fat;
Hyena wears the skin;
Hyena rings the bell ting-a-ling-ling.
Hyena sang as she ate the fat and put on the sheepskin and bell.
“You look beautiful,” Spider said. “Let’s go show Lion!”
As Hyena sang for Lion, Spider shouted, “She stole your ram!”
Lion killed Hyena, and Spider just laughed.

[a Hausa story from northern Nigeria] 

Inspired by: "The Lion, the Spider, and the Hyena" in Fifty Hausa Folktales (published in Folklore) by A. J. N. Tremearne, 1910.
Notes: You can read the original story online. The original story has lots of fun details that I couldn't fit into just 100 words, like how Spider plays the drum while Hyena dances and sings.

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  1. what a cruel trick for spider to play on poor innocent hyena