168. The Lion and the Boar

The animals were choosing a king. Some wanted Elephant; others wanted Lion. Lion’s party prevailed, and he became king.
For a while, Lion ate grass, but he began to grow hungry. He invited his subjects, one by one, to his den. Then, in secret, he devoured them.
Boar received an invitation but wasn’t feeling well, so he sent his son. The son didn’t return. Boar grew suspicious, and he found his son’s bones near Lion’s den.
“Lion is no king!” Boar shouted. “He is our enemy!”
Ever since, the animals hate Lion and do not honor him as their king.

[a Luo story from eastern Africa] 

Inspired by: "The Lion and the Boar" in Ten years in Equatoria by Gaetano Casati, 1891.
Notes: You can read the original story online. This is a legend of the Luo people. You can find out more about the enormous African boars known as giant forest hogs at Wikipedia.

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