Audiobook: Tiny Tales from the Mahabharata

You will find links to the texts of the individual stories below, and you can access the playlist at SoundCloud here: Tiny Tales from the Mahabharata playlist.

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1. Vyasa Seeks a Scribe
2. King Shantanu Gets Married
3. The Story of Mahabhisha
4. King Shantanu Confronts the Queen
5. The Story of the Vasus
6. Devavrata Departs and Returns
7. Shantanu Sees Satyavati
8. The Story of Satyavati
9. Devavrata Swears an Oath
10. King Shantanu Marries Satyavati
11. Bhishma Goes to the Swayamvara
12. Amba Pleads with Bhishma
13. Amba Goes to Parashurama
14. Amba Prays to the Gods
15. How the Sons of Satyavati Died
16. Vichitravirya Leaves Two Widows
17. Another Story of Satyavati
18. Satyavati Summons Vyasa
19. Three Sons are Born
20. The Story of Mandavya
21. The Brothers Get Married
22. Pandu Goes Hunting
23. The Story of Kunti's Mantra
24. Kunti and Madri Have Sons
25. Dhritarashtra Has a Son
26. Gandhari Has Sons
27. Pandu Cannot Resist
28. A Story about Pandu
29. Duryodhana Plots against Bhima
30. Bhima Meets the Naga King
31. Drona Comes to Hastinapura
32. Drona Arranges an Archery Contest
33. A Crocodile Attacks Drona
34. Ekalavya Seeks a Guru
35. Drona Demands Payment
36. The Princes Display Their Prowess
37. Karna Becomes King of Anga
38. The Story of Karna and the Two Curses
39. Karna Becomes Parashurama's Disciple
40. The Story of Drona and Drupada
41. Drona Gets Revenge
42. Drupada Prays for Children
43. Shikhandin Gets Married
44. Shikhandin Meets a Helpful Yaksha
45. Kubera Confronts Sthuni
46. Kunti's Elephant Ritual
47. Queen Satyavati Departs
48. The Kauravas and Pandavas Trade Insults
49. Bhishma Imprisons Subala
50. King Dhritarashtra Sends the Pandavas Away
51. Duryodhana Plots against the Pandavas
52. The House in Varanavata Burns
53. The Pandavas Escape
54. Bhima Fights a Rakshasa
55. Bhima Fights Baka
56. The Pandavas Meet a Gandharva
57. Drupada Holds a Swayamvara
58. Krishna Recognizes the Pandavas
59. Arjuna Competes in the Swayamvara
60. The Pandavas Must Share the Alms
61. King Drupada Receives the Pandavas
62. The Story of Nalayani
63. Shiva Fulfills a Woman's Prayer
64. Draupadi Marries the Pandavas
65. King Dhritarashtra Deliberates
66. The Pandavas Go to Khandavaprastha
67. Khandava Forest Burns
68. The Story of Sunda and Upasunda
69. Draupadi Becomes a Mother
70. Arjuna Violates the Agreement
71. Arjuna Comes to a Deadly Lake
72. Arjuna Meets Ulupi
73. Arjuna Elopes with Subhadra
74. Duryodhana Visits Indraprastha
75. Shishupala Insults Krishna
76. King Yudhishthira Makes a Vow
77. Duryodhana Plots with Shakuni
78. Duryodhana Invites the Pandavas to Hastinapura
79. The Pandavas Enter the Gambling Hall
80. The Game Begins
81. Duryodhana Summons Draupadi
82. Dushasana Brings Draupadi into the Assembly
83. Duryodhana Seeks to Disrobe Draupadi
84. Bhima Makes a Vow
85. King Dhritarashtra Grants Draupadi a Boon
86. Duryodhana Demands a Rematch
87. Yudhishthira Gambles Again
88. The Exile Begins
89. The Story of Kurukshetra
90. The Story of Rama
91. The Story of Nala
92. The Story of Savitri
93. The Rishi Maitreya Curses Duryodhana
94. Jayadratha Comes to the Forest
95. The Pandavas Stop Jayadratha
96. Bhima Searches for Lotuses
97. A Python Captures Bhima
98. Vyasa Advises Yudhishthira
99. Arjuna Encounters a Hunter
100. Arjuna Visits Indra's Heaven
101. The Pandavas Are Reunited
102. Duryodhana Fights the Gandharvas
103. The Pandavas Look for Water
104. Yudhishthira Answers the Questions
105. The Yaksha Revives the Pandavas
106. The Pandavas Go to King Virata
107. Kichaka Pursues Draupadi
108. Draupadi Seeks Protection
109. Bhima Kills Kichaka
110. Duryodhana Searches for the Pandavas
111. Duryodhana Attacks Virata
112. Prince Uttara and Arjuna Ride into Battle
113. Arjuna Faces the Kauravas in Battle
114. King Virata Boasts about Prince Uttara
115. The Pandavas Reveal Themselves
116. Yudhishthira Hopes for Peace
117. Dhritarashtra Sends an Envoy of Peace
118. Dhritarashtra Seeks Advice
119. Arjuna and Duryodhana Go to Dwaraka
120. Whose Side Will Balarama Join?
121. King Shalya Makes an Alliance
122. Duryodhana Insists on War
123. Krishna Consoles the Pandavas
124. Dhritarashtra Learns of Krishna's Coming
125. Krishna Comes to Hastinapura
126. Krishna Addresses the Assembly
127. Krishna Speaks with Karna
128. The Armies Assemble
129. The Story of the Lakes at Kurukshetra
130. The Story of Vishnu and Bhudevi
131. Kali Demands a Sacrifice
132. Iravan Watches the Battle
133. Arjuna Arrives at Kurukshetra
134. Krishna Reveals Himself to Arjuna
135. Yuyutsu Chooses a Side
136. The War Begins
137. The Pandavas and Kauravas Clash
138. Arjuna Attacks Bhishma
139. Duryodhana Attacks with Elephants
140. Barbarika Joins the War
141. Shikhandin Confronts Bhishma
142. Bhishma Lies on the Bed of Arrows
143. Kunti Comes to Karna
144. Indra Visits Karna in Disguise
145. Bhima Pursues the Sons of Gandhari
146. Duryodhana Plans to Capture Yudhishthira
147. Abhimanyu Enters the Maze
148. Arjuna Vows to Avenge Abhimanyu
149. Duryodhana Seeks Gandhari's Blessing
150. Bhima Fights Karna
151. King Bhagadatta Attacks Arjuna
152. The Rakshasas Attack
153. The Pandavas Plan Drona's Death
154. Drona Hears Word of Ashwatthama's Death
155. Ashwatthama Launches the Narayana-Astra
156. Ashwatthama Makes a Vow
157. Bhima Finds Dushasana
158. Karna Duels with Arjuna
159. The Duel Continues
160. Karna Forgets the Mantra
161. Krishna Tests Karna's Generosity
162. Yudhishthira Confronts Shalya
163. Duryodhana Despairs
164. Duryodhana Hides in the Lake
165. Duryodhana Duels with Bhima
166. Duryodhana Summons Balarama
167. Duryodhana Addresses His Son
168. Draupadi Greets the Victorious Pandavas
169. Barbarika Settles an Argument
170. Ashwatthama Makes a Final Vow
171. The Kauravas Raid the Camp by Night
172. Ashwatthama Returns to Duryodhana
173. The One Hundred Kauravas
174. Krishna Curses Ashwatthama
175. Kunti Searches the Battlefield
176. The Pandavas Honor Karna
177. Gandhari Searches the Battlefield
178. The Pandavas Return to Hastinapura
179. Gandhari Curses Krishna
180. The Pandavas Mourn the Dead
181. Yudhishthira Becomes King of Hastinapura
182. Bhishma Instructs Yudhishthira
183. Bhishma Departs This World
184. Dhritarashtra Stays in the Palace
185. The Elders Go into the Forest
186. The Yadavas Quarrel
187. The Story of the Reeds
188. Balarama and Krishna Depart the World
189. Krishna Tells Jara a Story
190. The Pandavas Depart
191. The Pandavas Climb Mount Meru
192. Yudhishthira Must Choose
193. Yudhishthira Finds the Kauravas in Heaven
194. Yudhishthira Descends to Naraka
195. Parikshit Is Cursed
196. Parikshit Hides in the Tower
197. Janamejaya Conducts a Snake Sacrifice
198. Astika Confronts Janamejaya
199. Janamejaya Hears the Mahabharata Story
200. You Reach the End

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