~ 58. Krishna Recognizes the Pandavas ~

The Pandavas attended Draupadi's swayamvara disguised as brahmins.
One of the princes in the audience was Krishna, who recognized the Pandavas despite their disguises. "Look, Balarama," Krishna said to his brother, pointing at the brahmins. "Those are the Pandavas!"
"Then they did not die in the fire after all!" Balarama exclaimed.
"Now we will see something momentous," Krishna murmured. "Arjuna will surely be able to pass Drupada's test. And then things will get... interesting. Very interesting."
Just as Krishna foretold, Arjuna stood up and approached the target, while the crowd murmured in surprise that a brahmin had entered the competition.

Inspired byThe Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version by R. K. Narayan
Notes: This story is from Chapter 4: Bride for Five.

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