~ 134. Krishna Reveals Himself to Arjuna ~

Krishna then revealed himself as God to Arjuna: he had mouths, eyes, faces, bodies beyond counting. He was the whole universe, birth and death without beginning or end. He was everything, stretching from earth to sky, horizon to horizon. Everywhere. 
Arjuna prayed. "I see all beings, all weapons, all war, all peace, all worship, all fear. I see!"
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds," Krishna said. "The warriors you see are already dead, slain by their own karma. You are that karma. Arise and fight, Arjuna. It is time."
Arjuna took up his bow, ready to fight.

Inspired byThe Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version by R. K. Narayan
Notes: This story is from Chapter 14: Hesitant Hero. I included the words famously spoken by J. Robert Oppenheimer (Wikipedia): "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

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