~ 130. The Story of Vishnu and Bhudevi ~

Long ago, the earth-goddess Bhudevi took the form of a cow. She generously gave her milk to the people of the earth.
The kings of the earth, however, milked her so greedily that her udders became sore, and she groaned in pain.
The god Vishnu heard her cries. "I will teach those greedy kings not to treat you this way," he promised. "I will come as Parashurama and spill the blood of kings on the earth, and you will drink their blood like a lioness. I will do the same as Rama, and again as Krishna. That is my promise."

Inspired by: Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik.
Notes: This story is on p. 245.

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