~ 98. Vyasa Advises Yudhishthira ~

Yudhishthira apologized for the suffering he had brought upon his family. "I gambled because I wanted to depose Duryodhana so that we could rule the whole kingdom," he confessed. "But I realize anger about this serves no purpose now. I must practice patience, certain that someday we'll regain our kingdom."
Draupadi and the others, however, did not share Yudhishthira's equanimity.
Then Vyasa arrived, and he taught Yudhishthira a mantra that controlled a great weapon. "Teach this mantra to Arjuna," he said, "and send Arjuna out to search for more weapons. You must be prepared for the war that is coming."

Inspired byThe Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version by R. K. Narayan
Notes: This story is from Chapter 8: Wanderings.

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