Rabbit and Monkey Divide the Meat

"It was all my plan!" Rabbit said afterwards. "So the meat's all mine!"
"All you did was talk," said Monkey. "I did all the work. The meat's all mine!"
They yelled and yelled, and then Rabbit said, "My throat's gone dry. I'm going to get a drink of water."
Rabbit hopped off and hid nearby. Then he shouted in Man's voice, "You stole my meat, Rabbit!"
Rabbit replied in his own voice, "No, not me! It was Monkey!"
Then Man's voice, "He's in for a whipping!" Rabbit made a whip-cracking sound.
Monkey ran off, and Rabbit got all the meat.

Inspired by: Folklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: This is the second part of the story which starts here: Rabbit Smells the Meat.


  1. The monkey did indeed do all the work but I'm glad Rabbit got all the meat because he is so brainy.