Tiny Tales of the Ramayana

Welcome to Tiny Tales of the Ramayana. This is the Indian epic Ramayana, told in 100-word episodes.

I have just begun the editing process for this book, along with the audiobook. The completed book will be available on December 26 (I hope), in time for me to use it as an OER textbook for my Indian Epics class in the Spring semester. The links below go to the blog posts with drafts of the stories and information about sources, etc.

1. The Birth of Ravana
2. Ravana and Brahma
3. Vibhishana and Kumbhakarna
4. Ravana and Shiva
5. Ravana's Offering to Shiva
6. Shiva Rewards Ravana with a Queen
7. Meghanada Becomes Indrajit
8. Shurpanakha's Husband, Vidyutjiva
9. Vaishravana Becomes Kubera
10. The Golden City of Lanka
11. Ravana Battles Yama
12. The Gods in Disguise
13. Kubera Rebukes Ravana
14. Ravana Attacks Kubera
15. Ravana Rapes Rambha
16. Ravana and Vedavati
17. Ravana and the King of the Haihayas
18. Ravana and Vali
19. Ravana Battles Rama's Ancestor
20. The Wives of Dasharatha
21. Kaikeyi, Dasharatha's Charioteer
22. Dasharatha the Hunter
23. King Dasharatha Summons Rishyasringa
24. The Story of Rishyasringa
25. The King of Anga and Rishyasringa
26. Rama, Prince of Ayodhya
27. The Kheer from Heaven
28. Baby Rama's Cosmic Form
29. Vishvamitra Makes a Request of Dasharatha
30. Tataka and Her Sons
31. Vishvamitra Arms Rama
32. Rama Faces Thataka
33. Maricha and Subahu
34. The Ashram in the Forest
35. Indra Freed from the Curse
36. The Story of Ahalya
37. King Janaka's Bow
38. Janaka's Golden Plough
39. Ravana's Pot of Blood
40. King Padmaksha and His Daughter, Padma
41. Sita in the Kitchen
42. Sita and the Bow
43. The Suitor and the Bow
44. Sita's Prayer
45. Rama and the Bow of Shiva
46. Parashurama and Rama
47. The Marriage of Sons and Daughters
48. Arundhati's Story
49. Moon-Rama, Ramachantra
50. The World's Variety
51. Will Rama Renounce the World?
52. Kaikeyi's Two Boons
53. Dasharatha Sends Rama into Exile
54. The Exiles Depart
55. The Sleep of Urmila
56. Dasharatha's Grief
57. Shatrughna and Manthara
58. The Four Brothers Go Hunting
59. The Golden Sandals
60. Manthara Begs Forgiveness
61. Rama and Sutikshna
62. Rama and Sharabhanga
63. The Rakshasa Viradha
64. Rama Comes to Panchapsaras Lake
65. The Hermit and the Sword
66. Agastya and the Rakshasas
67. Agastya Arms Rama
68. Lakshmana Chases a Boar
69. Sita and Anasuya
70. Fruits of the Forest
71. Lakshmana and the Apsara
72. Rama and Lakshmana Meet Jatayu
73. Shurpankha Sees Rama
74. Khara and Dushana Attack
75. Word Reaches Ravana
76. Maricha and Ravana
77. The Golden Deer
78. The Line of Lakshmana
79. Sita and the Ascetic
80. Ravana and Jatayu
81. Ravana Tricks Jatayu
82. Sita Arrives in Lanka
83. Rama Realizes the Danger
84. Sugriva and Hanuman See the Chariot
85. Rama's Grief
86. Ayomukhi
87. Shabari
88. Kabandha
89. The Birth of Vali and Sugriva
90. Ahalya's Children
91. Anjana and Vayu
92. Dasharatha's Wives and the Kheer
93. Hanuman and the Mango
94. Hanuman and the Gods
95. Hanuman's Curse
96. Hanuman and Surya
97. Vali and Dundhubi
98. The Curse of Sage Matanga
99. Vali and Mayavi
100. Vali Returns
101. Vali Kicks Sugriva
102. Hanuman Meets Rama and Lakshmana
103. Sugriva and Rama, Allies
104. The Duel of Sugriva and Vali
105. The Death of Vali
106. The Coronation of Sugriva
107. Rama and the Rains
108. Hanuman Heads South
109. Hanuman Meets Swayamprabha
110. The Monkeys Reach the Ocean
111. Sampati and Jatayu
112. Sampati's Gaze
113. Who Will Jump to Lanka?
114. Jambavan and Hanuman
115. Hanuman and Mount Mahendra
116. Mount Mainaka
117. The Sea-Monster Surasa
118. Hanuman and Simhika
119. Lankini Challenges Hanuman
120. Ravana and Sita in the Ashoka Grove
121. Sita and the Rakshasis
122. Hanuman Addresses Sita
123. Hanuman Show Sita the Ring
124. Sita's Story of the Crow
125. Hanuman in the Garden
126. Hanuman and the Rakshasas
127. Hanuman Comes to Ravana
128. Hanuman's Tail on Fire
129. Hanuman Burns the Houses of Lanka
130. Hanuman's Return
131. The Monkeys in the Honey-Park
132. Dadhkimukha Reports to Sugriva
133. Rama Receives Hanuman
134. Ravana's Advisors
135. Ravana and Kumbhakarna
136. A Rakshasa Comes to Rama
137. Rama and the Ocean
138. The Bridge to Lanka
139. Rama and the Squirrel
140. The Woman in the Seaweed
141. Hanuman and the Mermaid
142. The March to Lanka
143. Bhasmalochana and the Blindfold
144. Ravana and the Magician
145. Angada's Mission to Ravana
146. Indrajit's Attack
147. The Arrival of Garuda
148. Sita Visits the Battlefield
149. Sita and Trijata
150. Rama Worships Durga
151. Ravana Awakens Kumbhakarna
152. Kumbhakarna in Battle
153. Indrajit Returns
154. Hanuman Goes to the Himalayas
155. Indrajit and Sita
156. Indrajit and the Goddess
157. Indrajit and Lakshmana
158. Sulochana
159. The Rakshasa Warrior Taranisen
160. Ravana's Son, Virabahu
161. Ravana Invokes Kali
162. Ravana's Rage
163. Ravana's Weapon of Darkness
164. The Final Battle
165. Ravana's Funeral
166. Vibhishana Fetches Sita
167. Sita's Faithfulness
168. Maya-Sita
169. Indra's Boon
170. Rama Returns
171. Ratnakar the Robber
172. Ratnakar Becomes Valmiki
173. Valmiki Learns of Rama from Narada
174. The Princes and their Mothers
175. Hanuman and the Necklace
176. The Vermilion Dot
177. Sita's Good News
178. The Gossip of Ayodhya
179. Rama's Decision
180. Lakshmana and Sita Go to the Forest
181. Sita and Sage Valmiki
182. The Sons of Sita
183. Sita and Lava
184. The First Verse
185. Valmiki Teaches Lava and Kusha
186. The Ramayanas of Valmiki and Hanuman
187. Shambuka
188. The Statue
189. The Statues in the Temple
190. Shatrughna Hears the Twins' Song
191. Rama and the Twins
192. Sita Comes to Ayodhya
193. Sita Leaves Rama
194. Kala Comes to Rama
195. The Monk's Rock
196. Hanuman Seeks Rama's Ring
197. Rama's End
198. Tenalirama and the Ramayana Murals
199. Tenalirama's Ramayana
200. Shiva and Nandi on Mount Kailasha

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