~ 130. Hanuman Returns ~

After burning the city of Lanka, Hanuman returned to the Ashoka Grove to make sure Sita was safe and to bid her farewell. "Rama will come soon," he promised her, "and he will rescue you from Ravana."
Hanuman then grew as large as a mountain and leaped back over the ocean, returning to where the monkeys and bears waited for him on the shore.
"You're alive!" shouted Jambavan with joy.
"Tell us everything!" said Angada, amazed. "We could see the smoke and flames from here, and we feared the worst."
"You need not fear," Hanuman replied. "I bring good news!"

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana
Notes: This is the Sundara Kanda (Book 5), sarga 57.

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