~ 50. Sita Looks at Ayodhya ~

One day Sita said to Rama, "There are so many old houses in Ayodhya! I think every house should be a beautiful new mansion filled with splendid furnishings."
Rama smiled. "I disagree, my dear," he said. "If every house were new and perfect, what would the carpenters or masons or painters do? What would furniture-makers make? What would carpet-weavers weave? God has created the world so that it is always a work in progress. There is good and bad always, new and old everywhere, with an infinite variety of ways to be and things to do. That is God's world."

Inspired byTales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna
Notes: This is story 12 in the book. You can read more about Queen Sita and King Rama at Wikipedia; they ruled the city of Ayodhya.

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