~ 44. Sita Meets Two Strangers ~

"Go visit the royal gardens," Vishvamitra said to the princes, and so they did.
Meanwhile, Sita had gone to a temple in the garden. "Goddess, send a worthy man to be my husband," she prayed.
Sita and her companions then saw two handsome strangers in the garden, and the strangers saw them. 
Rama fell in love with Sita at first sight, and she with him.
When Sita's companions saw that she was lovestruck, they hurried her away. "It's late, my lady," they said. "We must go."
Sita then returned to the temple to thank the goddess for answering her prayers.

Inspired by: Ramachartimanas of Tulsidas (online).
Notes: Tulsidas uses the name Girija for the goddess of the first temple that Sita visits, and Bhavani is the goddess of the second temple.

Forest of Enchantments
by Chitra Divakaruni

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