~ 163. Ravana Rides into Battle ~

Ravana rode into battle, armed with the Tamasa, Bringer-of-Darkness. "I will destroy Rama and Lakshmana," Ravana shouted, "and all their army!"
He then launched the Tamasa, incinerating thousands of Rama's soldiers, and his chariot ran over their ashes.
Meanwhile, Rama and Lakshmana stood firm. They nocked their arrows, invoking the gods to destroy the Tamasa. Their arrows dissipated the darkness, but Ravana kept coming, hurling weapons at the princes. 
Lakshmana then fired an arrow that shattered Ravana's bow, while Vibhishana killed Ravana's charioteer and horses, and Rama launched mighty weapons of fire.
Defeated again, Ravana retreated behind Lanka's golden walls.

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana.
Notes: This is the Yuddha Kanda (Book 6), sarga 99. Valmiki describes Lakshmana being wounded in this battle and, once again, Hanuman must fly and fetch herbs, and he brings back a mountain.

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