~ 182. Lakshmana Takes Sita to the Forest ~

"Rama asked me to take you to visit the forest ashrams," Lakshmana said. "Let's go there now."
Sita smiled at Lakshmana. "I told Rama I wanted to visit the ashrams again," she said happily, expecting Rama would join them later.
When they reached the forest, Lakshmana began to weep. "Rama has ordered that I leave you here, Sita. He urges you to go to the rishi Valmiki, who will shelter you in his ashram." 
Sita also wept. "Do what you must," she said, and Lakshmana left her there.
When Lakshmana disappeared from view, Sita fell to the ground in despair.

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana.
Notes: This is the Uttara Kanda (Book 7), sarga 45.

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