~ 166. Vibhishana Fetches Sita ~

"Your husband awaits," Vibhishana said to Sita. "Bathe and adorn yourself; then we will go."
"I would go now," Sita replied, "just as I am."
"No, Sita," Vibhishana told her. "Let it be as Rama commands."
Sita bathed and adorned herself, and then Vibhishana brought her to Rama.
Rama was torn between love for Sita and the shame of public scandal. She had been in another man's house, and everyone knew it.
"For the insult Ravana did me, I have killed him," Rama said. "The war is over. I wish you well, and now you may go where you like."

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana.
Notes: This is the Yuddha Kanda (Book 6), sarga 114.

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