~ 135. Ravana Speaks with Kumbhakarna ~

Ravana's gigantic brother Kumbhakarna had been sleeping all year, cursed as he was by Nidra-Devi, the sleep-goddess. He knew nothing of Ravana's abduction of Sita. Kumbhakarna had even slept through Hanuman's destruction of Lanka.
When Kumbhakarna awoke, Ravana told his brother about Sita and about Rama's demands. "What do you think I should do?" he asked.
"Taking the woman was not wise," said Kumbhakarna. "But I will use my strength to defeat your enemies. Let Rama come, let his brother come, let all the bears and monkeys come! Wake me, and I will kill them all and drink their blood."

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana.
Notes: This is the Yuddha Kanda (Book 6), sarga 12.


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