Hanuman and Mount Mahendra

Encouraged by Jambavan, Hanuman grew in size, rocketing up towards the sky. Hanuman soon towered over the other monkeys who stared at him in awe.
The monkey-god then climbed the towering Mount Mahendra, and as he squeezed the mountainsides in his ascent, the mountain bellowed like a trumpeting elephant. The ground shook violently, and all the animals who lived there looked around in terror, and they saw the colossal Hanuman climbing up the mountain.
When Hanuman reached the mountain top, he saluted Surya, Indra, Brahma and his father Vayu the Wind God. Then, at last, he launched himself towards Lanka.

Inspired byValmiki's Ramayana
Notes: This is from Book 4: Kishkindha Kanda, sarga 67 and Book 5: Sundara Kanda, sarga 1.

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