~ 120. Ravana Comes to Sita ~

Hanuman found Sita in the Ashoka Grove, guarded by rakshasis. He concealed himself in a tree, waiting until he could speak privately to her.
Ravana and his wives then came to the grove.
Ravana attempted to seduce Sita with promises of wealth and power, but Sita rejected his advances. "You should make peace with Rama," she said, "and release me."
"Silence!" shouted Ravana. "I give you two months' time to agree to my demands and become my wife. If you refuse, I'll take you to my kitchen, kill you, and eat you for my breakfast!"
Hanuman saw and heard everything.

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana
Notes: This is the Sundara Kanda (Book 5), sargas 14 and following. Ravana's threat to Sita is in sarga 22.

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