~ 51. Will Rama Renounce the World? ~

King Dasharatha wanted Rama to succeed him, but he worried Rama would renounce the world and become a forest rishi. So, he sent Vashishtha, the royal priest, to investigate.
"Tell me, Rama," Vashishtha said, "do you want to renounce the world?"
Rama stared at the priest thoughtfully in silence.
"Do you want to renounce God?" Vashishtha continued.
Rama understood: to renounce the world would be like renouncing God. "Now I see," he said, smiling. "God has become all things everywhere, in the palace and in the forest." Then he added, "Tell my father I am ready to be Ayodhya's king."

Inspired byTales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna
Notes: This is story 132 in the book. You can find out more about Prince Rama and his father King Dasharatha, and also Vashishtha, at Wikipedia.

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