Hanuman and Surya

Young Hanuman sought wisdom. He learned all he could from books and wanted to learn more, so his parents sent him to Surya, the all-seeing Sun God.
Surya, however, remembered how baby Hanuman had once attacked him and refused. "I must travel all day; I don't have time to stop for lessons."
"I will run backwards, never stopping, so that I may learn from you," said Hanuman. So Surya became Hanuman's guru, and Hanuman's face was burned black.
After completing his studies, Hanuman wanted to give Surya a gift. "Look after my monkey son, Sugriva," said Surya, and Hanuman obeyed.

Inspired by: The Ramayana (Uttara Kanda, 36), and also a Hanuman tale reported by Philip Lutgendorf: Hanuman's Tale, story 6 — Hanuman's Education.
Notes: For the story of Hanuman's earlier attack on Surya, see The Birth of Hanuman. The gift that the pupil traditionally gives to the guru is called guru-dakshina.

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