~ 33. Tataka's Sons Attack ~

Vishvamitra then commanded Rama and Lakshmana to guard his ashram against rakshasas while the priests conducted sacred rituals.
At night, rakshasas attacked: Maricha and Subahu swooped down, screaming with rage, spewing blood upon the fire-altar. These were Tataka's sons, seeking to avenge their mother's death.
Rama swiftly shot an arrow at Maricha which struck him in the chest, hurling him far away into the ocean.
Lakshmana, meanwhile, shot Subahu, who fell dead on the spot.
Freed from the rakshasas, the priests conducted their rituals in peace.
But the journey was not over: Vishvamitra had still more plans for the princes.

Inspired by: Valmiki's Ramayana
Notes: This is the Bala Kanda (Book 1), sarga 31.

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