~ 29. Vishvamitra Visits Dasharatha ~

The rishi Vishvamitra came to King Dasharatha's court.
"During the sacrifices, unholy rakshasas attack the priests in my ashram," Vishvamitra explained. "I seek royal protection for our rituals."
"I will come gladly!" replied King Dasharatha.
"No, not you," said Vishvamitra. "Your son must come: Rama."
"He is too young to fight rakshasas!" exclaimed Dasharatha.
"You are wrong," said Vishvamitra. "I know Rama."
"I will send my army!"
Without a word, Vishvamitra got up to leave.
Dasharatha relented. "Let Lakshmana go with him," he pleaded. "They have never been apart."
So Rama, accompanied by Lakshmana, went with Vishvamitra to fight rakshasas.

Inspired by: The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version by R. K. Narayan
Notes: This is on p. 6 in the book.

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