Audiobook: Tiny Tales of Anansi

You will find links to the texts of the individual stories below, and you can access the playlist at SoundCloud here: Tiny Tales from Anansi playlist.

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1. Anansi and Tiger in the Pit
2. Anansi's Riding-Horse
3. Anansi and his Grandmother
4. Anansi and the Coconut
5. Getting in the Pot
6. Anansi and Tiger's Goat
7. Tiger and Anansi and their Knives
8. Mr. Man's Missing Sheep
9. The Lady Asks Tiger for Help
10. Tiger and Anansi Eating Breakfast
11. How Tiger Gets Meat
12. Tiger and Anansi Go Hunting
13. Anansi and the Tar-Stump
14. Anansi in the Gourd
15. Anansi and Tiger Go Fishing
16. Anansi and Tiger's Mango-Tree
17. Anansi Ties Tiger
18. Anansi, Tiger, and the Fish
19. Tiger's Wedding
20. Anansi's Eggs
21. Tiger's Bone-Hole
22. Washing Tiger's Guts
23. Anansi's Familiy on the Rooftop
24. Tiger Plays Dead
25. Anansi's Strong Hand
26. Tiger, Anansi and Goat Share a House
27. Tiger and Anansi's Yams
28. King Tiger and the Stools
29. Why There Are Anansi Tales
30. Anansi and the Hornets
31. Anansi and Queen-Bee
32. Anansi and the Honey
33. Anansi and Tiger Take a Bath
34. Anansi, Monkey and Tiger
35. When Monkey Beat Anansi
36. Anansi's Pot of Water
37. Anansi's Christening Oven
38. Monkey and Anansi's New Suit
39. Anansi Arranges a Funeral
40. Unlucky Number Five
41. Fling-a-Mile
42. Anansi and in the Tree Branches
43. The Tiger Family, Lion, and Anansi
44. Anansi's Knife and Fork
45. Anansi and Lion Play a Game
46. Baby Anansi at the Lion's Feast
47. Anansi, Lion and the Rain-Charm
48. Anansi, Lion, and the Donkey-Carts
49. Anansi Finds Lion in the Road
50. Anansi and Goat's Plantains
51. Poor Anansi's Dead
52. Anansi at the Funeral
53. Anansi and the Plantains
54. Anansi and the Pork Stew
55. Anansi and the Chicken Soup
56. Anansi and the Yam-Foofoo
57. Anansi and the Mangos
58. Anansi's Grave
59. Tiger in the Pepper-Plant
60. Tiger in the Yam-Patch
61. Cunning-More-Than-Father and the Coconuts
62. Cunning-More-Than-Father in the Coffin
63. Anansi and the Sea-Sheep
64. Lion, Tacoomah, and Anansi
65. Tacoomah Rides Anansi
66. Anansi and the Dog-Head
67. Anansi Says Tacoomah's Sick
68. Tacoomah Makes a Tar-Stump
69. Anansi and Tacoomah's Fire
70. Anansi and the Jumbee House
71. Anansi Gives Tacooma Advice about Yams
72. Tacoomah and Anansi's Eggs
73. Anansi's Corn Song
74. Anansi and the Cats' Wedding
75. Anansi, Dog and Agouti
76. Dog and Anansi Compare Senses
77. Tiger Comes to Kill Anansi
78. Anansi and Dog at the Dance
79. Elephant and Anansi's Dance Party
80. Anansi and Goat at the River
81. Anansi and Dog at the River
82. Anansi and Snake
83. Anansi, Rabbit, and Gingy-Fly
84. Anansi and the Fish-Pot
85. Anansi Combs Lion's Hair
86. Anansi Dives for Bananas
87. Anansi and the Rabbit in the Road
88. The Law against Badmouthing
89. Anansi and the Well
90. Anansi and Ram Go Thieving
91. Anansi and the Stolen Pig
92. Anansi, Snake, and the Rock
93. Anansi, Agouti and the Fish-Traps
94. Anansi Chasing the Goat
95. Anansi and Baboon
96. Anansi and Rat
97. Anansi and the Elephant
98. Anansi and the Gun
99. Anansi and Blacksnake
100. Anansi and the Skinny Sheep
101. Anansi and Cow
102. Anansi and Sheep and their Spoons
103. Anansi and Horse Share Plantains
104. Anansi and the Bros
105. Anansi and the Chicken
106. Anansi and Screech-Owl
107. Anansi and John Crow
108. Anansi and Dove
109. Anansi and the Pelicans
110. Anansi and the Dove's Wings
111. Anansi and Dung-Beetle
112. Butterfly's Revenge
113. Anansi and the Cockroach
114. Anansi and Beetle
115. Anansi and the Bullfrogs
116. Anansi, Whale, and Elephant
117. Anansi and Whale
118. Anansi, Shark, and the Fish
119. Anansi, Alligator, and the Pepper-Pot Soup
120. Anansi and the Crabs
121. Anansi and the Fish-Children
122. Anansi in Fish-Country
123. Anansi and the Barrel of Eggs
124. Anansi and the Fish-Children's Canoe
125. Turtle and Anansi's Yams
126. Turtle Invites Anansi to Dinner
127. Turtle and Anansi Make a Bet
128. Anansi and Turtle Make Another Bet
129. Anansi Takes Advice from Turtle
130. Anansi and the King's Cow
131. Anansi the Preacher and Cockroach's Coconut
132. The King Banishes Anansi
133. Anansi and the Fire in the King's Palace
134. Anansi and the Watermelon
135. Anansi and Anteater
136. Anansi, Tiger, and the King's Daughter
137. The Contest for the King's Daughter
138. The King's Daughter and Anansi
139. Anansi and Ballinder Bull
140. Anansi and the Timber
141. Anansi the Angel
142. Anansi and the Six Sons
143. Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom
144. Anansi and the Cooks
145. Anansi and the Man's Horses
146. Quanqua and Anansi's Ox
147. White Yams and Red
148. Anansi and Goolin's Wife
149. Tamanty and Anansi and the Little Girl
150. Anansi and his Spotted Cow
151. Anansi and the Peanut-Patch
152. Anansi's Sick Chicken
153. Anansi and Mosquito
154. Anansi and the Two Sisters
155. Anansi and King-Daughter
156. Anansi and Dog's New Name
157. Anansi Goes to the Christening
158. Anansi, Lion, and the Liquor
159. Anansi's New Name
160. Anansi inside the Cow
161. One-Two-Three Got No Liver!
162. Crow's Magic House
163. Anansi's Tree-House
164. Anansi and Tiger's Hoe
165. Anansi, His Brother, and the Magic Pot
166. Anansi and the Avocado Tree
167. Anansi and the Handsome Calabash
168. Anansi's Fork
169. Anansi and the Robber Bargaining
170. Anansi and the Shirt
171. Anansi and the Witch's Sword
172. Anansi and the Witch's Name
173. Anansi and Old-Witch's Garden
174. Anansi and Old-Witch
175. Anansi Wants a Wife
176. Anansi and Fire
177. Anansi, Fire, and the Damp Clothes
178. Fire, Grass, and Anansi
179. Anansi and Mr. Wheeler
180. Anansi and the Rock by the River
181. The Ghost's House in the Sky
182. Anansi and Dry-Head
183. Anansi, Dry-Head, and the Hog
184. Butterfly and Anansi in the Fields
185. The Devil's Honey-Dram
186. Anansi in Death's Camp
187. Anansi Robs Death's House
188. Death Wants Revenge on Anansi
189. Anansi and Death's Field of Yams
190. Anansi Meets Death
191. God and Anansi's Thread
192. Anansi and God's Cattle
193. Anansi and God's Yams
194. Anansi and the Tar-Man
195. Anansi Reads God's Mind
196. Anansi and the Pea
197. Anansi and Hunter's Debt
198. Anansi Owes Money
199. Anansi Takes Pig Home
200. Anansi and the Grain of Corn

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