~ 174. Anansi's Wedding Clothes ~

Anansi was getting married, and he needed wedding clothes.
Old-Witch could help, but he had to pay her, so he stole a gold coin from Old-Witch's own treasure.
"Help me!" Anansi said. "I'll pay!"
"I'll help you, Anansi," she said, but she recognized the coin.
Old-Witch used magic to conjure clothes for Anansi, and a carriage and coachmen.
Anansi rode to the palace.
The princess smiled. Then she blinked; the coachmen disappeared.
Next blink: carriage.
Next blink: Anansi's top-hat.
Then Anansi's clothes disappeared piece by piece until he was naked.
Anansi ran away, ashamed. He didn't get married after all.

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 6 of the book: Anancy, Old Witch, and King-Daughter. This is the second part of the story, after Anansi has found out the princess's name. Then, Anansi goes back to the witch and she gives him three gifts to give to three women; the third woman will be his wife.

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