~ 72. Tacoomah and Anansi's Eggs ~

Tacoomah visited Anansi. 
Anansi had one hundred eggs in a nest, and greedy Tacoomah ate ninety-nine of Anansi's eggs.
Then Anansi said, "I'll count my eggs!"
"You don't need to," said Tacoomah. "I'll count them for you."
"Hold each egg up high so I can see it," said Anansi.
Tacoomah went out to the nest and lifted up one egg so that Anansi could see it. "One!" Tacoomah said. 
Then Tacoomah lowered the egg into the nest and lifted the same egg up again. "Two!" he said.
So Tacoomah did that one hundred times... but there was only one egg.

Inspired byFolklore from Contemporary Jamaicans by Daryl C. Dance
Notes: This is story 12B in the book. In Dance's story, Tacuma steals the eggs and when Anansi realizes what has happened, he chases after Tacuma in a boat, with the motif that Anansi is shouting, but Tacuma restates what Anansi is shouting to fool the rowers; see Anansi and the Fish-Children's Canoe.

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