~ 34. Anansi, Monkey and Tiger ~

Anansi and Monkey were friends.
"How many tricks do you know?" Anansi asked.
"I know plenty of tricks!" said Monkey.
"I know two," said Anansi. "One for me, and one for you."
They found Tiger in a hole. "Help me!" Tiger shouted.
"Lower your tail!" Anansi told Monkey.
Tiger climbed out. 
"Now I'm going to eat you, Monkey!" Tiger said, and he grabbed Monkey.
Anansi laughed. "Are you happy about eating Monkey?"  
"Yes, I am!" roared Tiger.
"I'm happy too," said Anansi. "Let's clap our hands for joy!"
Anansi clapped his hands.
Tiger clapped his hands.
That's how Monkey escaped!

Inspired byJamaica Anansi Stories by Martha Warren Beckwith
Notes: This is story 12a in the book. Beckwith heard this story from Samuel Christie; additional information in Beckwith's notes. The story also appears in Jekyll, story 25.

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  1. Tiger will starve if he keeps being tricked out of his food like this