~ 125. Turtle and Anansi's Yams ~

Anansi was roasting yams, but he did not want to share them, so he scattered ashes in the path leading to his house.
Turtle smelled the yams, and he was hungry. He came to Anansi's house. 
"May I share your dinner?" Turtle asked.
"Yes," said Anansi, "but you must wash your hands in the stream first."
Turtle washed his hands carefully and came back through the ashes.
"Your hands are still dirty!" said Anansi. "Go wash again!"
Turtle went and washed, but again his hands got dirty walking to Anansi's house.
And again.
Turtle never got to eat the yams!

Inspired byAnansi Folktales in the Diaspora by Victorine Grannum-Solomon
Notes: This story appears on p. 15 of the book: Anansi and Turtle. I added the part about the ashes so that it's Anansi's fault the Turtle's feet keep getting dirty.

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