~ 173. Anansi and Old-Witch's Garden ~

Old-Witch had a beautiful garden, and Anansi wanted that garden.
When the witch's gardener sang, everybody had to dance. Even the witch had to dance. The gardener would sing and the witch would dance.
Then she'd tell him to stop.
Anansi told the Kling-Kling bird, "Listen, and learn that song!"
Next, he told Tacoomah to lure the gardener away.
Then Old-Witch came to the garden.
Kling-Kling sang, and the Old-Witch danced.
"Enough now!" she said, but Kling-Kling kept singing, and the witch kept dancing.
She danced until she died.
But then the whole garden died with her.
Anansi got nothing.

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 39 of the book: Anancy and the Hide-Away Garden. In Berry's version, the gardener had a flute, but I just changed it to knowing a song. Anansi does more than lure the gardener away: he kills him with food from the garden; see Anansi and the Old Lady's Field.

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