~ 52. Anansi at the Funeral ~

Anansi's mother-in-law died, and Anansi went to the funeral dressed in his fancy funeral-clothes.
He got hungry during the funeral service, so he snuck into the kitchen. He smelled beans cooking!
Anansi had just scooped up some beans when the cook came in.
Embarrassed, Anansi poured the beans into his hat to eat later, and he put the hat on his head.
The burning beans made him dance. 
"It's my hat-shaking dance of grief!" Anansi shouted.
Anansi danced until he got away, but it was too late: the beans burned off his hair, and that's why Anansi is bald.

Inspired byAnansi Folktales in the Diaspora by Victorine Grannum-Solomon
Notes: This story appears on p. 23 of the book: Anansi's Hat-Shaking Dance.

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