~ 57. Anansi and the Mangoes ~

Anansi climbed a mango tree by the river. He wanted to eat all the mangoes by himself. Greedy Anansi didn't want to take any mangoes home for his wife or children.
As Anansi was eating the mangoes up in the tree, he looked down into the river.
There was someone with mangoes in the water. Anansi wanted those mangoes too! Anansi wanted ALL the mangoes.
He dropped down into the water.
But it was only Anansi's reflection.
Nobody else. No more mangoes.
The river currents carried Anansi away, and he drowned.
That was what happened to greedy Anansi.

Inspired byAnansi Folktales in the Diaspora by Victorine Grannum-Solomon
Notes: This story appears on p. 83 of the book: Anansi and his Shadow.

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