~ 95. Anansi and Baboon ~

"I'm fatter than you!" Anansi said to Baboon.
"No!" said Baboon. "I'm fatter!"
They stood before the fire to see who melted the most fat.
Anansi didn't melt any fat, but Baboon oozed lots of fat.
Baboon's fat smelled so good that Anansi ate Baboon, but the bits in his stomach turned back into Baboon. Anansi felt sick!
The doctor told Anansi to put a banana in his mouth. "Baboon will come out to get the banana and run out your mouth."
It worked!
Anansi was glad to get Baboon out of his stomach.
And even now Baboons love bananas.

Inspired by: Appendix to Popular Tales From the Norse by George Webbe Dasent. These are stories from Dasent's childhood in St. Vincent, West Indies.
Notes: This is story 10 in the appendix.

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